Monday 17 June 2013

The Apocalypse According to John Martin

Fall of the Rebel Angels
English painter and inventor John Martin spent much of his time depicting lavish feasts, epic plazas, angels, demons, and, of course, The Apocalypse. When he wasn't blowing people away with scenes of epic epicness, he was playing chess.

His fame spread like a tsunami and he his work was sought out by royalty from all over Europe.

Among his greatest accomplishments are 24 gorgeous, kick-ass engravings for Paradise Lost, which some see as the definitive set.

I wouldn't argue.

A man of 70mm widescreen vision, one can only wonder what he'd have done with a two hundred million dollar budget.

I tried to incorporate aspects of his work into the graphic novel.
Great Day of His Wrath
Sodom and Gomorrah
The Deluge
Satan rousing his followers
Pandemonium (Etching)
Satan lurks by the Stairs of Heaven. Epic epicness!
First page of the book; a bit Piranesi, a bit John Martin

You can zoom in on the details of his engravings here.