Monday 24 June 2013

Political Factions of Hell

Levellers believe no spirit should ever be elevated over any other, a direct refutation of the apotheosis of The Little Enemy (Jesus). Leveller doctrine asserts the state should be organized in a non-hierarchial way. They spend a lot of their time arguing.

The Anarchists reject all order as inherently calcifying, and were banished to the outer wastelands for being a constant pain-in-the-ass; the Magisterium wanted to keep them away from Chaos and Night, their natural patrons.

Builders, led by Mulciber, work towards remaking Hell into a Paradise. 'Dream big or go home' is their motto. Attempts at weather control are ongoing, and Mulciber's engineers have engaged in endless large scale construction projects. They are funded by Mammon, the Grand Treasurer. Annoyingly optimistic in outlook, they see a half-full glass as an ocean in the making.

The Hydra Ascendant advocate open warfare with Heaven, reject all compromise as a form of weakness, and spend a lot of their time in bars picking fights. Not big on negotiation.
A mixture of technology is employed in fighting, which is incessant
The NOM (Non-Overlapping Magisterium) faction, led by Belial, believe that Heaven, Hell, and Earth should each be left to their own devices, and not interfere in the others internal affairs. Each should be left to screw those they already have dominion over. Tend to file lots of protest letters.
Swarm of demons prepare for battle, led by one of the dreaded Furies
Miscegenists advocate merging demons with humanity through interbreeding, making mankind indistinguishable from the Fallen Angels. Certain to piss of the Big Guy, and a lot of fun in the process. Picky about their membership, they hold the biggest and best orgies. Prefer to live in Hollywood.
Behemoth City of Leviathan, leader of the Levellers
Animists hold true to the original Animus Creed, and reject any concept of loyalty, honour, integrity, or altruism, even between demons. They are, justifiably, trusted by no one and rarely get invited to parties. Have trouble getting organized as their meetings inevitably descend into murderous brawls.

The Limitless believe that they were created by Divine Will, and that everything they do is Divinely sanctioned. They tolerate no limits on their wants or needs, and naturally attract lots of divas and celebrities. Prefer to possess movie stars and Kanye West.
Thermidor, Holdfast of Baal The Brute