Friday 28 June 2013

MAX ZING available now on Amazon

What if Ming the Merciless had Charlie Brown for a son?

What if Dilbert ruled a space moon?

Why,  it’d be just like Max Zing!

The greatest tyrant of the galaxy has retired and left the Ion Space Empire in the hands of his son,  Maximilian Zing the Not-So-Dread. Only Zing isn't interested in ruling: he'd rather read comic books and play video games.

Can the mighty,  all conquering Ion Empire possibly survive?

Or will Earth hero Jon Jett conquer the great warrior moon and bring peace to the solar system? Buy this book and find out the future before it even happens.

Now available from SLG Publishing on Amazon for your purchasing pleasure. Take a gander. Support your (virtually) local digital artist: give it a buy, five stars, glowing endorsements, and enjoy!

PS. I understand that buying things makes people happy.