Thursday 4 July 2013

Evil Overlord Brain Gyro

Super brainy villains really could do with more neck support for their sweet number crunching noggin'. But what if you switched things up, and instead of adding reinforced neck support, you support the skull directly?

That's the idea behind the Brain Gyro. The flexible support band is fully adjustable, and padded with memory foam for an ultra comfortable fit.
The Brain Gyro in operation. Death Claws Accessory not included in basic package.
Get on the cutting edge of Supernerd technology. Until DC and Marvel copyright the term 'Supernerd' and it's just 'cutting edge technology'. And then only until they copyright cutting, edge, and technology. Whereupon it will be known as Prince.

You saw it here first.

The only thing to add now is a gyrostabilized cup holder.

Take that NASA!