Thursday 9 May 2013

Rating the Doctors of Doctor Who

They rate physicians, don't they? So there's no escape just because he's a Time Lord. This is the final of a three part look at The Doc.

These are gut impressions, of course, and shouldn't be seen as an appraisal of the actor, only their performance within the context of this particular show. The result is dependent on not just their own acting choices, but the scripts they are given, the actors they must play against, budget and time limitations, and the guidance of the producers and directors. 

Each Doctor's performance had strengths and weaknesses. There are two ratings for Baker given how dramatically different his performance is between when he started and when he left. While Baker put more emphasis on comedy in the latter half of his run, he was funnier when his eccentric humour broke real dramatic tension. Without that juxtaposition, it's just Baker hamming it up on set.

The early and the late era Doctors from the original show I saw the least of, so take it all with a grain of salt. 

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