Thursday 30 May 2013


Like monsters? 

Then Monstrosity, a monster anthology, is the book for you!

Two hundred pages of mayhem, including a 9 page story written by yours truly and illustrated by the incomparable Noel Tuazon. Check out the Indiegogo page, and support your local monsters... if you dare!

It's looking to be one heck of a book, with a truly impressive crew of talent, brought together by the cthonian duo of Brian Evinou and Phil McClorey.
"Monstrosity is a monster movie lovers dream. Godzilla vs. King Kong. Giant robots smashing through cities, Jason and the Argonauts battling sword and shield wielding skeletons. Those were the types of movies that fuelled a love affair with monsters that provided the creative fuel that led to the creation of this graphic novel anthology, Monstrosity!"

Does that sound fabulous or what? Look at all these exclamation marks; it must be awesome! 

Check it out!