Friday 29 April 2022

Russians foil terrorist plot to play The Sims 3

Note the wig and copies of The Sims 3 among material confiscated from terrorists

Mediaite reports that Russian intelligence has foiled a 'terrorist plot', arresting 6 men and confiscating weapons, Nazi memorabilia, and... The Sims 3 videogame. 

Apparently terrorists are now targeting virtual reality. 

Is nowhere safe from these madmen?!?

Pundits are speculating that someone in charge if the false flag operation asked for SIM cards and some wonderful, genius underling got The Sims instead.

Even better, a letter they confiscated apparently is actually signed 'Signature Illegible'. And the spies literally wrote in Signature Illegible for the signature:

Signature Illegible for the signature...? I don't read Russian, I  guess I'll just have to trust the internets.

Comedy gold from the FSB. 

Thank you, sir. Thank you!

Also check out the article from The New York Post. 

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