Sunday 16 April 2017

Life drawing druids

Life drawing (scribbling?) druids, with context. The subject, the table & drinks (aka fuel), and the 'finished' sketches. About 5 minutes each. Line art first then dashed in with a half-dead brush pen. Sloppy scribbly wibbly. 

Thought it'd be interesting to see the difference between the photo and the sketch. 
With this session, I got amazingly good at drawing hoods. You need a hood drawn? 


Now you know who to call.

So hard to actually tell what this one even is...

Friday 14 April 2017

Drawing a day 'contest'

Did one with a friend. Doodles (I went with cartoons, for I am lazy) sparked by a word, one a (week) day. Then we got distracted. But it was fun.

Can you guess what the words were?

No, neither can I anymore...