Saturday 19 October 2019

Inktober part II

Posting some more Inktober 2019 drawings. A mix from the month so far.

I've been doing them all with a simple rule set:

• only black and white (no tones, no color, 100% opacity)
• all in ProCreate
• using only 1 brush type (but can be different thicknesses)
• all based on the prompts

It's kind of a fun exercise. I wanted to use it to help develop the style for the new book, but I've not done any of them in that style. 

Aliens and animals have figured highly, as has Halloween.

Monday 14 October 2019

Inktober 2019

I'm doing Inktober for the first time. I started with one a day, then found I didn't always have time, so bundled them up into sprints. A drawing night with a friend and plane flight binges have helped push through a good number.

I've also noticed patterns in my drawings. I do these pretty quickly, so I am falling back on natural inclinations, and not always pushing myself. 

I haven't done any in the doodle style I've been working on. Weird.

My Inktober rules: only one brush, black and white (no tones), no analogue prep work, all done in ProCreate.

ProCreate automatically saves an animation of your process, and I've been putting those up on my Instagram at @theopaxstone.

It's been fun.

See if you can guess the prompts...