Monday 30 July 2012

Tommy Douglas Stamp

Worked on a stamp for Canada Post with the awesome art director Derwyn Goodall earlier this year, and it's finally out. My illustration graces the envelope and the background of the stamp. It's a collectible and honours the father of Canada's medicare system. Best of all, the photo of Tommy is by the one and only Yousuf Karsh. I kid you not. My work pared with Karsh.


On a stamp.

I know. Just did the background. Whatevah. I still think it's totally awesome,

Available at finer post offices near you, but only in Canada. Booyah!

Friday 27 July 2012

Peter Ferguson: the new Hildebrandt

Very few illustrators have a command of light like the Hildebrandt brothers, except for Peter Ferguson. 

His work graces the covers of dozens of young adult novels, and for obvious reasons. He conjures up the most amazing sci-fi and fantasy scenes. Take bright sumptuous colours; sharp, instantly recognizable expressions, steampunk machinery, Maxfield Parish style lighting and tie them all to the imagination of a mad scientist. That's Peter Ferguson.

Concept art, comics, books, magazines, posters, you name it, he's done it. Don't believe it? Think he hasn't done Samurai fighting robot attack fish while aboard a red panda air force jet piloted by a space baby? Well... behold!

More of his work here.