Friday 16 August 2013

AtomicSam reviews Rebel Angels Issue One

Sam Aguirre over at AtomicSam takes a gander at Rebel Angels and likes what he sees. He notes that the book "deals with many of the hot-button issues that plague our world today. Immigration reform, civil unrest, and a disillusioned populous are all touched upon in the first issue of the series."

"Turner's work in Rebel Angels is clever, and sometimes poignant."

High praise indeed!

Regarding the art, Aguirre says, "Just about every page could be a print, worthy of framing and hanging in your living room. The kind of art that your friends would look at and say, 'Wow look at that! Where did you get that interesting work? Clearly you have good taste when it comes to these things."


He has some caveats, but honestly, I couldn't hope for a more positive review.

Rebel Angels will be released online via Comixology this month.