Friday 5 August 2022

Announcing Exposure Crypto Currency!

An Exposure Crypto Currency Bill

No money to pay creative people? No worries! Announcing Exposure Crypto Currency, specially designed for creative people.

A common request for art, sans moolah

Here's the gist:

Don't use cash to hire photographers, painters, illustrators, designers, actors or writers. Having money just makes creatives go crazy and spend it all on drugs, Vegas and food stamps.

Save them from being capitalist stooges!

There's a better way: a currency designed specifically for artists and their special needs.

Exposure comes in unlimited denominations, as each Exposure bill is worth as much as you say it is. 

I mocked up a faux Exposure website for the heck of it a few years ago, but never finished. It fell by the way side. Didn't get enough Exposure to complete it I guess. Heh.

It started out fairly conservative looking:

The usual photography route

Initial array of logo explorations, ending in a jester cap matched with a sun

But then I thought, why not go Full Obnoxious? 

Here's the logo taken to the max:

I think this is pretty self-explanatory

Here's a bill variant:

Is this bill worth a different amount of Exposure than the other? Who knows? You decide! 

In fact, multiple bill variants are not strictly necessary, as Exposure Crypto Currency is flexible in value... just like Crypto! It's very important to provide people with options.

Here's the non-existent never built homepage:

And what would Exposure be without rewards? How do you get the cash out of the crypto? Often people pour money into crypto and get bupkiss back. But we have a way you can get value for both your investments and payments. 

Meet Exposure Rewards:

Exchange your hard earned Exposure for things like authentic amateur poetry, or beautiful snow white Zoom backgrounds. The rewards are only limited to... well two. That's pretty much it at the moment, but soon, thanks to the power of paying in Exposure, we'll have limitless art works you can turn in your own exposure for.

Exposure harnesses the power of subjectivity, relativity and flexibility to allow you, the savvy investor, to buy billions for mere pennies. 

Invest your money today, and start paying your favourite artist, nephew, or influencer the savvy way: with Exposure!

ADDENDUM: Looks like the 4 (5?) years since I did this stuff up someone else has built an Exposure Crypto Currency site. Crap. Now there is no point in bothering, I might as well give up the URL and show the work that went into my aborted effort.

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