Sunday 12 June 2022

Ten years of Cutting Edge Conformity

As if!

It was a good run.

Time to celebrate: I've had this blog for exactly ten years, as of today. My first post was a review of Prometheus. The scary thing: it doesn't even feel like that long ago. 

After deep, soul wrenching contemplation, what have I learned from blogging?

1) I don't edit enough. 

2) It is impossible to reach the point where I no longer feel the itch to edit.

I am in an eternal struggle against filler words and pointless phrases, which regularly slip into my prose, seemingly unbidden, forever frustrated by smooth flowing sentences that remain out of reach. Also, purple prose.

But it's been good exercise.

I've written numerous movie and TV reviews; not what I set out to do, but I fell into anyway. And then mostly fell out of: my opinion isn't relevant, I'm (usually) not the target audience, and there's enough negativity out there without me griping. I've consumed so much television and film, especially over the Covid lockdown (Toronto had one of the longest in the world) that I'm now unquestionably spoiled and jaded in my TV tastes. It would be better to focus strictly on material I still find inspiring. 

On the other hand, that would require mental energy.

In addition to Cutting Edge Conformity, I created a number of 'sub-blogs', for specific properties, such as Theo Paxstone, Rebel Angels and Max Zing. There's even a blog for Nil, which I posted in a grand total of once. 

And then there's the blog for jtillustration which... honestly, I'd completely forgotten about. 

Social media has long overtaken the blogosphere, but I don't mind posting, from time to time, in my happy little backwater.

Here's to another 10 years!

Heh. Maybe not. It may be time to pack it in. 

Everthing changes.

Maybe this combo image is more appropriate: it conveys endless self-indulgent annihilation. Has he even put the glass down since 1997? I mean, that's a lot of alcohol...

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