Tuesday 20 July 2021

Warlord of Io - Nose Virus!

Found this old strip, which with COVID somehow seems even more relevant. Obviously, sentient viruses are the next step in gain of function research. 

You saw it hear first!

The two page strip was done for an anthology book put together by Fiona Smyth, many years ago, and was built in Adobe Illustrator

The look of the comic was based on both comics and the old serials from the 1930s and 40s, set in a sort of 'ultra cute' mini-reality. 

More can be found in Warlord of Io, the graphic novel.

Also, there's a joke strip collection, Max Zing, which was a really fun challenge for me. Comic strips (between one and four panels) are an art form all their own, akin to poetry. 

If you love pop culture and retro sci-fi, you might find these efforts amusing. 

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