Thursday 8 July 2021

First scribbles and life drawing with ProCreate

The first drawing I did on the iPad Pro was at lunch on the workplace patio; a coworker had brought his iPad, and we both did a drawing based on a third party prompt (superheroes). 

A rather distorted looking superhero figure. First drawing on the iPad Pro.

After that, I did a number of doodles, trying various brushes. Messy stuff. I could never remember which brush I used for what. I've since gotten into the habit of creating an extra layer in my ProCreate files where I write down the names of all the brushes I used in the file. Otherwise, I'll forget, and replicating the look/feel has to be done by trial and error. 

Brush play doodles. There's so many approaches and brushes available it's a little daunting at first.

After that, I started hauling out the iPad to life drawing. 

The first time was at a life drawing session at an art show I curated: Monsters & Machines, which also served as a book launch for my Middle Grade novel, Theo Paxstone and the Dragon of Adyron. I actually illustrated that book with a number of pen and ink drawings, and I believe I could do better ones using the iPad (which allows for a lot more correction, a feature I sorely need). 

The drawing session was Steampunk themed, and the model did a fabulous job. 

The brush I picked, however, was a plain one, and if you zoom in close, the line work looks exactly like what it is: scribbles on a glass surface. No texture at all. 

I'm actually very happy with the drawings, and they hold together if you don't zoom in too much. I posted some more pictures from the set here.

The full drawing and a blown up section, showing the plainness of the brush tool I used.

This gets the scribbliness across even better

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