Friday 8 May 2015

Berlin: Then and Now

Then and now photo collages are all the rage these days. They're remarkably eerie and affecting, especially ones of Berlin. Considering the peace and calm of the locations today, it's hard to believe they were the site of such horrific violence just seventy years ago.

You can see some good mash-ups here, here, and here. And creepy ones of the Altes here. They've done a really good job of matching the angles.

I thought I'd add a few to the online collection. So here are my attempts, matching my travel photos with ones plucked out of history:

Reichstag during winter of 1945. Merged with present day.
The Reichstag, during winter 1945 and spring 2015

Soviet troops storm the Reichstag in 1945. Merged with the idyll of 2015.
The Dome Cathedral, from across the Lustgarten

A mess in front of the Reichstag

Looking at the Altes Museum

Sunset assault

Tooling around the Lustgarten with artillery

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