Wednesday 11 September 2013

Broken Frontier reviews Rebel Angels

Jason Wilkins gives my latest graphic novel, Rebel Angels, a gander. He has this to say:

"Smart, technically brilliant, and infused with a jagged, sharp-toothed cynicism that burbles under the surface of every vertiginous panel, Turner’s Rebel Angels should probably come with a disclaimer warning that it may cause seriously funny discussion about the nature of religion, faith, and social equality."

It's a great review, and puts a wind under my sails. He dug the underlying themes, but does note that it is 'sure to rub people the wrong way' as well.

Hmm. That may explain why people take a step away from me when I mention the project, presumably to avoid the lightning strike.

City of Dis
Check out the rest of the review here.

Be sure to check out the comic at Comixology. The first 70 page issue is available FREE.