Friday 13 July 2012

Hell Lost: The Counter Revolution Begins

Satan's oppression and insidious machinations finally drive the disaffected population into revolt against his rule, millennia after their rebellion against God.

The story follows Balthazar, an infernal knight who has been recently released from spiritual rehabilitation for a minor belief infraction.

To reestablish his status, Balthazar is tasked with taking down his former mentor, Baal, who has been falsely set up by Satan as a traitor.

So why a graphic novel about revolution in Hell? Because Hell sucks. It smells, it’s hot, and it’s filled with assholes. It’s worse than Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break. And, sooner or later, some Fallen Angels are going to wise up and ask, “What were we thinking?”

It’s written and illustrated by me, James Turner, who is known (in certain circles and local bars) for Nil: A Land Beyond Belief, Rex Libris, and Warlord of Io.

And yes, that’s Io, as in the Galilean moon of Jupiter. Not the number ten. I know, unfortunate choice of logo. Live and learn.

Hell Lost is really swell. I suggest you read it. Tell your friends to read it. Let your dog and cat read it.

You'll have a blast with lots of good, clean fun in the deepest pits of damnation and depravity.

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