Wednesday 22 March 2023

Midjourney V5: hands up!

"They can do hands now!"

Ladies and gentlemen, Midjourney can now do hands.

Renderings of Midjourney hands showing four fingers and thumb
They look... pretty good, actually. 

That didn't take long. Check out this article for more. 

Horrifically deformed hands were a hallmark of earlier Midjourney iterations, and (seemingly) major technical barrier blocking it from full fledged commercial use. I mean, aside from the rights and ethics issues. 

From a visual perspective, Midjourney's looking more impressive than ever. The artifacts and weird glitches are far fewer, the 'plastic' feel absent. Some pieces purporting to be done in Midjourney look to me like well rendered classical oil paintings. I still find it hard to believe some images are AI renderings and not originals. 

Some artists sniff that the AI art 'has no soul'. And yet, Midjourney is trained on art by MILLIONS of human souls, so I imagine some of that has filtered through, however gestalt soul mush it may be. 

I know of professional artists, ones far more talented than I (who are also anti-AI art), who have been fooled by these computer created concoctions. 

This is astonishing progress in a mere 8 months, and this is a technology still in its infancy. I keep wondering where it will be in ten years.. 

With Adobe launching their own AI renderer, Firefly, AI rendering is here to stay. 

We're about to see a whole lot more of it. 


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