Monday 6 March 2023

Artist Karine Giboulo does Covid-19 lockdown

clay figure sitting in bird cage
Some days I feel just like this...

Saw the Karine Giboulo: Housewarming show at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, tucked in across the street from the far better known ROM. The show's about the Covid-19 lockdowns, and it's a wonderfully fun, whimsical and idiosyncratic take:

"Enter a world at once familiar and uncanny. Montreal-based artist Karine Giboulo invites visitors into an immersive reimagining of her home. Brought to life by over 500 miniature polymer clay figures this is no ordinary house. The figures tell stories that unfold inside or on household furniture appliances and everyday objects.

Clay figures at a shag carpet like a beach
Just the place to wear Kramer's fragrance: The Beach

On the kitchen countertop a line of people masked and socially distanced await access to a food bank. In the bedroom the drawer of a dresser opens to reveal rows of masked factory workers hunched over industrial sewing machines. In the laundry room a forgotten iron causes a forest fire forcing animals to flee their natural habitat."

It's a faux house filled with little figurines. Certainly a productive way to cope with Covid's disruption of all our lives. 

Rather than being a downer, it made me laugh. 

Clay astronauts take selfies beside Bezos big dick rocket
Posing before the Jeff Bezos Dick rocket

Biochem clay figures disinfecting fruit in a fridge
Hi ho, hi ho, a disinfecting we will go. 

clay figure falling into a computer screen abyss
This happened to me too.

clay figures disinfecting fruit on a kitchen table
Biohazard team to kitchen table one

kitchen sink garden clay figures
It's even got the kitchen sink

rows of bottled old people in jars on shelves
A comment on all the horrors going on in the long term care facilities

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