Saturday 25 February 2023

Seductive Midjourney V4 Easy Bake Imagery

Midjourney is seductively easy. 

Write a prompt. Wait a minute and voila: result. Boom. Done. 

I stopped using Midjourney over the ethical issues, but it was damn fun. Midjourney creates a powerful and beguiling illusion of accomplishment, and every time I walked away I'd have another idea that'd draw me back in. 

There are really wonderful, idiosyncratic and inventive imagery being generated. Human users play the role of art directors and curators. 

The more I look at Midjourney imagery, easier it is to spot it in the social media wild. You have to dig into the history of visual arts and tailor your prompts to carve out a more distinctive, curated look. 

I didn't do much of that. My main interest was in sci-fi imagery, pictures to support stories I've either written or contemplated writing, as opposed to purely aesthetic explorations. 

If I ever go back to Midjourney, I'd like to explore aesthetics, and see if I can create a distinctive 'style' through advanced prompts. But I'd prefer the software to be ethically sourced before I do.

Anyway, these are some of the results I got:

A giant abandoned robot looking over an oasis
A derelict cyclopbot stands sentinel over a desert oasis in Nevada

Two abandoned freighters on a beach
Beached freighter hulks on a salt flat

Babylonian grand canyon tower
NeoBabylonian-Deco style tower over the Grand Canyon

A square pool in the desert
Desert spring pool

A horned troll hosting a market table
Mr. Moogles and his post-apocalyptic junk shop

Werewolf protesting the lack of dog food
Werewolf reacts to the lack of fresh dog food at the Quickimart

Nemo yacht
Captain Nemo's leisure yacht

A wizard sitting crossed legged and dressed in blue
The lonely Blue Wizard Otho Four Star Box

Blue wizard Methuseleh with three head vents
The most accomplished Blue Wizard was Three Cone Methusaleh, who feuded with his brother Otho for centuries

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