Thursday 16 February 2023

Max Zing / Warlord of Io screens

I've been digging around in my archives and found fab forgotten things. These images are from a presentation in The Before Time:

A group of cute aliens under the banner Max Zing

A comic strip from Max Zing

A Max Zing comic strip

Max Zing (it's currently on Drunk Duck) was an outgrowth of the graphic novel Warlord of Io, and put the eponymous character into comic strip format. 

It's like poetry: one, two, three-joke! One-two-three-punchline! 

I pumped out some 75+ strips before moving on to other things. 

I had some fun doing it, and enjoyed playing with a new (and challenging) format.

The earlier graphic novel was also a great visual exploration. The images are made entirely with blends, no lines (well, a few for emphasis at times, but no outlines). Don't think there's anything else out there quite like it, even to this day.

That may not be a good sign. 


But it was a novel look!

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