Monday 20 August 2012

Toronto Outdoor Art Show Part III

There were a number of painters of beautiful but somber landscapes. A number of them caught my eye. Jeremy Browne in particular.

Simple Days by Jeremy Browne

His foregrounds are Western in style, but he adds these gorgeous hints of mountains in the background that look straight out of Japanese prints. Wispy, barely there delicacies. Check out his work!

Peter Rotter is another regular at the TOAS. His extreme yet achingly calm compositions delight the eye.

Peter Rotter - Stony Lake Island

Lorne Winters loves hay as much as Monet did; he has a series of paintings from the Ontario countryside depicting hay rolls. Fabulous, atmospheric stuff. He's also painted a number of ballerina pieces in homage to Degas.

Untitled by Lorne Winters

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