Monday 6 August 2012

Pixomondo Magic

I'd never heard of this special effects house before. Haven't been paying any attention for far too long it seems, because they're awesome. They've worked on everything from Game of Thrones to Spiderman.

Over at io9 they've posted a fabulous video of effects work from Snow White and the Huntsman by Pixomondo, showing before and after shots. I've always loved looking at this sort of thing, as all my copies of Cinefex magazine attest.

Take a gander at the movie magic of Pixomondo. Behold:

A motley collection of knights on a disappointingly cheery green field are transformed into...

...a vast, gritty army under a suitably grim grey sky.

And their charge changes from a meh affair with an anachronistic truck on the left...

...into a spectacular battle scene.

Check out the full video. 

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