Monday 23 January 2023

The Last of Us: Girl With All The Gifts déjà vu?

I watched the premiere of The Last of Us with Pedro Pascal and found the opening sequences quite harrowing. After Covid, I'm not sure I'm as keen on shows depicting the collapse of civilization and the death of all our loved ones. It's just more depressing now. 

It also reminded me of The Girl With All The Gifts, another post-apocalypse movie with cordyceps fungus zombies, a Special Girl protagonist, a mission to visit a doctor/scientist, the possibility of a cure, and lots of side characters who are rotten, miserable bastards who deserve to die (and do, in large numbers). 

Having seen The Girl, I bet I can predict the ending of The Last

As they say, it's not about the end, it's the journey. Heh. 

I think that's actually an oversimplification, endings do matter, but there's still truth in the statement. 

The Last of Us is very well produced, depicting a gob smackingly expensive looking dilapidated post-apocalypse, and I like Pedro. 

Also, Craig Mazin (the dude behind the Chernobyl show, which was superb) is producing The Last of Us

I bet it'll be an interesting journey.

I'll keep watching.

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