Saturday 23 April 2022

Suicide prevention for Russian oligarchs?

My impression of Russian oligarchs is maybe a little dated...

There's been a rash of murder/suicides recently by Russian oligarchs.

Two died within a day of each other: Sergey Protosenya (hanged himself after stabbing his wife and daughter to death) and Vladislav Avaev (shot his family, then himself). 

Four others have taken their own lives (Vasily Melnikov, Mikhail Watford, Alexander Tyulyakov and Leonid Shulman), and in some cases also murdered the rest of their families, since February 28th. 

Forbes considers 68 Rusisan billionaires to be oligarchs. That would mean 8% of Russian oligarchs have committed suicide since the invasion of Ukraine. 

Russian billionaires are now the highest risk group for suicide, significantly ahead of drug addicts and those suffering from chronic depression.

Police are also investigating the possibility that these may have just been staged to look like suicides. 

Ya think?

Reminds me of that time Trotsky repeatedly fell on an ice pick...

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