Tuesday 22 September 2020

Steamcycle Knights of Toronto

Toronto is well known for it's steamcycles, which puff up and down our streets in a great cloud of white fluffy smoke. They are a wonder to behold, and well worth visiting Toronto for. I've collected six of my favourites here.

First is the Royal Strike of Roncesvalles. 

Giant rolling steamcycle

The Royal Strike of Roncesvalles

Weight: 43 tons

Height: 25.3 feet

Operational range: 12 miles (98 miles downhill)

Maximum speed: 30 mph (55 mph downhill)

Crew: 1

Engine: Trevithick 1800 

Suspension: Poor

Bane of bicycles, the Royal Strike rumbles along the avenue on an irregular basis. A herald will sometimes run out front, to warn people of its impending passing. 

In winter it's used to crush a path through the snow. 

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