Saturday 17 March 2018

On Instagram

So I got on Instagram a few months ago.


To promote my new middle grade novel, Theo Paxstone, naturally.

That was the entire reason.

Promote, promote, promote!

Ya gotta do it.

But what I quickly found is that I don't have nearly enough imagery to support a Theo Paxtone focused Instagram account. I just don't.

I don't even have enough Steampunk art in general.

So, I thought, I'll pad it with other imagery.


That's the ticket!

So I put up some travel photos. And then I put up some of my comics. And then I put a few life drawings in. And then some nudes which I realize I probably shouldn't have there, but by this point it was so far off target I didn't think it mattered any more.

Now I have an Instagram feed that is hopelessly diffuse, unfocused, and definitely of no value in promoting Theo Paxstone, which was the entire purpose of the account in the first place.

So the question is, should I keep going, or rename it something more generic?

Should I create multiple Instagram accounts? Hmm...

I don't have enough time to create new Theo Paxstone images on a regular basis, especially not if I have any hope of writing a sequel. My day job is soaking up all my time and mind at the moment, and will for the next several months.

Best laid plans of mice and men, as they say...

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