Thursday 16 November 2017

Grace Heejung Kim's Petite Bourgeois Revolution

Back in May, i curated a show at Northern Contemporary Gallery in Toronto called My Petite Bourgeois Revolution, which was all about First World problems. Grace Heejung Kim was one of the awesome artists who participated, adding her exquisitely balanced yet deceptively simple yet endlessly intriguing work to the collection. I caught up with her and peppered her with all kinds of questions:

What's top of mind when your create?Composition, concept, craft, anatomy, color? What aspect fascinates you most?
When I make illustrations, concept always first, then, composition and color. I believe that every single step of the process is important and fascinating. I try to consider everything as an play/experiment. That way, you constantly push your boundaries and also have fun while doing it.

What kind of work do you usually do? Commercial, editorial, advertising, fashion, fine art?
I mostly do editorial works and fine art. However I am always open for new challenges!

What is your dream project?

I always like to tell a story with my illustrations, and I like to read, a lot. I’ve only done mock covers so far, but I would love to make book covers and eventually publish my own story.

Why did you chose the First World Problem you did?

Aren’t we always looking for free wifi?

I know I am.

What artists and / or art movements inform / inspire your work?

I am inspired by all of the contemporary and modern art that I come across living in New York City. But I have to say Fluxus from the 60-70s is my favorite art movement. I love the idea of collaboration of different artistic media and disciplines.

If you could cross the world to see the work of one compelling creator and visit their studio (anytime, anyplace), which one would you chose?

I would love to visit the New York City in the 1960s to experience, and hopefully participate, the Fluxus.

Any advice for new artists, starting out in today's market?

Be persistent and patient. Don’t be afraid to put your work out.

Do you have anything to say to your future self in 5 years?
I hope you have a dog by now.

See more of her work at her website, or on Behance. Trust me, it's worth a visit!

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