Tuesday 1 August 2017

Frederico Gastaldi's Petite Bourgeois Revolution

Frederico Gastaldi was in the My Petite Bourgeois Revolution art show recently at Northern Contemporary Gallery in Toronto. He does fabulous conceptual work with bold shapes and striking colours. I asked him a few quick questions in the wake of the show...

What's top of mind when your create? Composition, concept, craft, anatomy, color? What aspect fascinates you most?
Definitely the composition and the concept. I like how an illustration, once finished, is very different compared to the initial idea I had.

What kind of work do you usually do? Commercial, editorial, advertising, fashion, fine art?Editorial and advertising primarily.

Why did you chose the First World Problem you did? Well-being is too badly distributed. I am worried that this gap will continue to increase.

What statement do you want to make with your work?
Whatever statement comes to mind of those who see my work.

We often build on the backs of giants. I know I try to, and I've been influenced by the Constructivists, Symbolists, and Bauhaus. What artists and / or art movements inform / inspire your work? There are many artists and art movements that influence me. My favourite painters are Bo Bartlett, Edward Hopper and William Turner.

If you could cross the world to see the work of one compelling creator and visit their studio (anytime, anyplace), which one would you chose?
I guess Paul Gauguin's studio.

Any advice for new artists, starting out in today's market?
Take it easy!

What are you working on now? What’s your next big challenge?
I'm working with some American and German clients, and preparing a personal illustrated book.

Check out more of his work here.

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