Monday 24 July 2017

Chiara Dattola's Petite Bourgeois Revolution

Chiara Dattola was in the My Petite Bourgeois Revolution art show recently at Northern Contemporary Gallery in Toronto. Her vibrant work channels Milton Glaser and Paul Klee in a kaleidoscope of colour. She's recently been in 3x3 magazine, and can be found on Instagram here.

Give her work a gander, you'll thank yourself for it!

I asked Chiara some puzzlers after the show:

What's top of mind when your create? Composition, concept, craft, anatomy, color? What aspect fascinates you most?
Concept is always top of my mind when I start creating. But the second aspect I can't understimate is composition. I always rely on my instinct.

What kind of work do you usually do? Commercial, editorial, advertising, fashion, fine art?
Currently, editorial and fine art.
Dams, Billion-dollar dams are making water
shortages, not solving them – Internazionale magazine
Why did you chose the First World Problem you did?
“Time” is the most important thing we have in our life.

The rise of an oligarchical elite that threatens to undermine free, flat, fair markets and establish a new feudalism is a concern for many. What real issue are you most concerned about in the world today? What fires your jets and gets your blood pressure up?
I think that the capitalistic system and, in general, an oligarchical elite is interested in keeping most of the people ignorant and isolated.
Can Facebook really create a global
community? Internazionale magazine
The more ignorant and isolated we are, the more unaware we are: we are unaware how much  time we lose everyday (in order to possess unnecessary things), and how we are becoming slaves to this system.

I'm really worried about this. But the thing that gets my blood pressure up is looking at the people and seeing that they are mostly disinterested in their own life, their own care. They believe the most important thing is to have money. 
Allergies – Internazionale

I really feel an outcast in this contemporary world.

What statement do you want to make with your work?
I would really say to everyone: “Know yourself and be strong and be happy: don't waste your time.”

We often build on the backs of giants. I know I try to, and I've been influenced by the Constructivists, Symbolists, and Bauhaus. What artists and / or art movements inform / inspire your work?

I think I've been influenced by Fauvism, Folk art in general, Naif art, Precisionism, Charles Sheeler in particular, and I love primitive art.

L'homme sous la mer –
Revue XXI online
If you could cross the world to see the work of one compelling creator and visit their studio (anytime, anyplace), which one would you chose?
David Hockney, because I'm studying his process of creation. I'm really excited because I have the opportunity to go to Beaubourg, Paris, to visit his retrospective.

Any advice for new artists, starting out in today's market?
Feel free to explore, and be happy doing that. At first.

Stay strong and be careful.

Double page spread from the children's book “Les Petites Plan├Ętes”, Les Editions du Ricochet

What are you working on now? What’s your next big challenge?
I'm working on different projects, but I'm going to start my first graphic novel, and then look for a publisher.

Dutch dna – Internazionale magazine
Check out more of her work at her website.

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