Tuesday 4 March 2014

Bombers vs. Mega-Volcano!

In 1944, Vesuvius erupted again. American pilots, on their way to bomb the Germans, took pictures. It makes for an impressive spectacle, and reminds us of the terrible power nature can unleash.

The lava flow from 1944 can still be seen today.

Today, at the top of this mighty, slumbering engine of pure destruction, is a gift shop.

American bombers attack Vesuvius in March, 1944. Okay, kidding. But it will be a movie on Syfy soon.
Ash covered planes on the nearby airfields.
The lava flow from 1944. You can see Naples in the distance.
Crowds and American servicemen (right) gather to watch the eruption.
Inside of the crater today. Still smokes.

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